About Monteaco

Monteaco (mon-tea-co) is the international expansion of Monsoon Tea Company, founded by Kenneth Rimdahl in 2013. Kenneth grew up in Stockholm but fell in the 90s in love with Spain where he helped open and establish Spain’s largest tea company. 

After a succesful run in Europe, his business and love of a good adventure brought him to Thailand where he developed the concept of Forest Friendly Tea, meaning tea that grows in harmony with the surrounding forest instead of in a traditional monocrop plantation like tea is grown in the rest of the world. 

By working together with nature instead of working against it, we now reap all the benefits a healthy ecosystem offers us. We don’t need any pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation systems as all of this is given to us for free. 

If there is one insect who wants to eat our tea, there is always another insect who wants to eat the first one! Fallen leaves of the trees provide our soil with all the nutrition it needs, and the strong root systems together with a shadowy canopy keep our plants nourished and thriving. 

On this international journey, we are still the same people behind the scenes providing the same sustainable tea from the mountains of Northern Thailand with the same goal: To create a long lasting change in the tea industry by proving that we can make business together with nature and create a fantastic product at the same time. 

See you soon!

The Tea Fauna Project

We work with entomologist Alexey Reshchikov to study biodiversity around tea plants in Southeast Asia. So far this work has resulted in the discovery and description of two new species of wasps, one which has gotten named after our founder Kenneth.

We need an increased knowledge about nature to build successful conservation strategies and with this project we hope to build improved biodiversity databases and inspire ordinary people to learn and care more about what species live amongst us.

  • Dhara

    White tea genius producing incredible Forest Friendly tea grown in harmony with the forest. Handpicked and processed according to the most ancient traditions.

  • Edward

    From Chinese descent, Edward is not just an incredible tea maker but also a great friend and host. We've spent many mornings in the forest together, looking for tea and admiring nature.

  • John

    One of the most reliant, talented tea producers in Thailand. John grew up with tea around him as the King Rama IX gave his village the tea bush to replace opium.