Monteaco x Stickerapp

Introducing Creativitea - a new blend created together with our good friends at StickerApp! 

Creating the world's most sustainable tea requires thinking outside the set boundaries of how things "should" be done. At Monteaco we therefore love the opportunity to work with a company like StickerApp that is all about being creative and breaking boundaries doing so. 

Our new Creativitea is designed by UK artist Darren Shaddick who has created the imaginative, playful and creative stickers for this new project. Visit his website here and see more of his fantastic work:

Forest friendly black tea

The tea itself is a blend of our Forest Friendly black and green tea, flavoured with mango, papaya, passion fruit, rose and jasmine combining for some dreamy sips to enjoy while creating your next artwork. Read more about the project over at

See more about the collab here!

Artwork by Darren Shaddick