All Monteaco tea is grown and cultivated in harmony with nature. By giving farmers a value for their tea if they leave nature virtually untouched, natural diversity is created with a functioning ecosystem that supplies oxygen, clean air and water, pollination of plants and pest control, all in a natural circularity.


    The Monteaco tea is grown in harmony with the surrounding forest, preserving the natural ecosystem's balance between the environment and the tea producers working there.

  • FAIR

    Farmers = Friends.

    We have come close to the people who cultivate and work with our tea in the mountains. After having developed close relationships with them over the course of the past ten years they have become members of our family.


    At Monteaco, we only produce and offer high-quality Forest Friendly Tea. Green, Black, White, Oolong, Pure, Flavored with flowers, fruits or spices.

    And don’t forget; The more tea we sell, the more forests we can protect.


    We've studied tea production all over the world and found that the most sustainable way to work with the tea plant was to make a food, and not a drink! Historically, people in the mountains of Northern Thailand and surrounding countries have fermented the leaves and eaten them. When producing tea for "Hmiang", tea plants are allowed to grow tall together with the surounding forest.

    We're using the same way of thinking, but instead we produce high quality teas for drinking, creating a new way forward in the world of tea together with the farmers.

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Refill - Reuse - Recycle

At Monteaco we do our absolute best to provide you with some of the most sustainably produced teas in the world we hope you join us and play a part in lowering the impact of the products we’ve supplied you with.