Forest Friendly Tea by Monteaco

The most sustainably produced tea in the world

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  • Sustainable

    We grow tea in harmony with the forest as a way to give value to forests when they're standing up and not only when they're being cut down. The

  • Fair

    Farmers = Friends.

    Over the past ten years, we have built strong relationships in the mountains with our tea producers and deal with them like family.

  • Delicious

    Using a combination of great teas and interesting flavours we create unique and interesting blends anyone can love! The more tea we sell, the more forests we can protect.

  • Forest Friendly Tea

    We've studied tea production all over the world and found that the most sustainable way to work with the tea plant was to make a food, and not a drink! Historically, people in the mountains of Northern Thailand and surrounding countries have fermented the leaves and eaten them. When producing tea for this dish called "Hmiang", tea plants are allowed to grow tall together with biodiversity. We're using the same way of thinking but instead produce fantastic teas for drinking, creating a new way forward in the world of tea and connecting farmers in the mountains with the purchasing power of people on the cities.