Black Tea

Black tea is a classic that suit most tea drinkers and these teas are often described as fruity and flavorful. Black tea is the most consumed of the different types of tea, both around the world and in Europe. It is fully oxidized unlike green tea which is non-oxidized and black tea is produced by drying the fresh tea leaves, kneading them to release flavors, oils and enzymes, and then oxidizing the tea by having it react to the oxygen in the air. This oxidization is what gives the tea its black color. 


A lot of black teas are flavored, and you will find some fantastic combinations in our assortment, one of them being Thai Earl Grey, our interpretation of the classic Earl Grey but with Thai Kaffir lime instead of bergamot. If you’re looking for a pure black tea, we highly recommend our Jungle Black, made from completely wild tea plants, growing in the jungle four hours away from the nearest road! If you’re searching for a simpler alternative, our Lanna Black is also a great black tea produced in harmony with the forest.