Thank you for supporting our work with protecting nature through Forest Friendly Tea. Together we can make a difference and change the tea industry for the better!



Delivery time:

Standard delivery time: 2-4 business days

Shipping costs:

The shipping cost is 49 SEK in Sweden
The shipping cost is 7 euro in EU
The shipping cost is 8 euro outside of EU

Free standard shipping for orders over 450 SEK


I have received a defective product and would like to claim the product. How do I do this?

If you believe that you have received a defective product, please contact us via e-mail at contact@monteaco.com. State your claim and the order number in the subject line with a short description of what the defect is. Please provide a picture if possible. We will help you in the best possible way to make sure that you have a good experience shopping tea from us.


Does Monteaco sell wholesale?

Oh yes, we do! In fact, we are already supplying our Forest Friendly Tea to several top-tier hotels and restaurants. Whether you are running an eco-boutique hotel, if you're a restaurant owner, or an entrepreneur who owns a café, you can contact us at wholesale@monteaco.com for any wholesale enquiries. We are happy to answer your questions and to discuss any ideas that you might have!