Green Tea

Green tea is lighter and smoother than other teas, often with a more grassy taste tone. It’s the type that is most consumed in Asia whereas Europeans more commonly drink black tea. Our green tea is produced in harmony with nature, growing inside of forests in Northern Thailand and acting as a guardian for the many organisms living together with it. 


Green tea is not oxidized during production, to avoid the oxidization process, the tea leaves are heated either through roasting or steaming after they’ve been harvested. The heat destroys the enzymes that otherwise would react to oxygen in the air and oxidize the leaves. Green tea contains caffein, as does any tea from the tea plant, Camelia Sinensis, but it does contain a slightly less amount than black teas.

We have some fantastic green teas, both pure and flavored, but if you’re looking for something extra special, give our Dhara Artisanal Green a try! Handpicked and handmade in small batches, this pure green tea will leave you dreaming about the next cup.