A collection of articles and videos about Monteaco & Monsoon Tea Company in press and media over the years. If you wish to write about our work or visit us for an interview, please send an email to

World Tea News

Article about our international expansion in leading tea newssite.

"Thailand’s Popular Forest-Friendly Monsoon Tea to Storm into Europe.

Kenneth Rimdahl, CEO of Thailand, Chiang Mai-based Monsoon Tea, had no idea about the wonderful teas in Thailand about two decades back, before he started his business.

As things stand today, Rimdahl has made Monsoon Tea a big name in the forest-friendly tea category in the country, and he’s now planning to make it big in Europe."

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Thailand's BCG Transformation

A booklet given out to all delegates at APEC 2022 held in Bangkok. About us from page 98.

"To ensure the brand also extends its values to its workers, Monsoon Tea only buys from farmers who are as dedicated to forest conservation as the business is"

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Sveriges Radio

Program in national Swedish Radio on our work to protect nature in Northern Thailand.

"In northern Thailand, tea growers have realized the importance of protecting and maintaining the forest, in order to grow something called "forest-friendly tea"."

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National Geographic

Article about our Forest Friendly Tea for the launch of our collaboration with Spanish company Tea Shop.

"The Forest Friendly Tea project seeks to find a balance between environmental sustainability, care for its farmers and collectors, and the search for a unique quality tea in the world. For this reason, all the harvesting of the buds is done manually among the Thai forests, just like drying, which depends on how it is done depending on the tea that is intended to be obtained."

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Mitt I Stockholm

Article in local news media in Stockholm for the launch of our new showroom.

"In summary, Monteaco sells tea from northern Thailand grown in forests and not on cleared plantations where the tea plant grows with the help of pesticides, fertilizers and artificial irrigation."

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Bangkok Post

Article about our work in Thailand's biggest newspaper.

"Kenneth Rimdahl is a Swedish tea sommelier and has been in the "T" business since 1994. In 2013, Rimdahl founded Monsoon Tea in Chiang Mai, after he was introduced to miang, fermented tea leaves, and free-grown..."

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Article and documentary film about our founder Kenneth's life work in Japan's state broadcaster.

"A Swedish native, Kenneth Rimdahl encountered edible tea, "miang" in northern Thailand and set up a business to promote its sustainable growing method around the world. We ask him about the tea plant, traditionally harvested in the region, and his business."

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Deutsche Welle

Article in German national media about our work in Thailand.

"You have to find a value to the forest when it is standing, not only when it is cut down," Kenneth told DW. "We want the forest to win. We also want the farmers to make money."

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"Monsoon tea is now a steadily growing company with five shops in Thailand and orders from all over the world. Monsoon Tea has a large number of wholesale customers and they create tea pairings together with some of Bangkok’s best Michelin restaurants."

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Tedx Chiang Mai

Citylife Chiang Mai

“When I first came to Chiang Mai, I had been in the tea business for over ten years, travelling all over the world buying and researching tea,” Rimdahl explains as we sat in Monsoon Tea, aromas of brewing leaves permeating tantalisingly. “Yet I had no idea that Thailand even had tea.”

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A Day Magazine

Article in Thai Lifestyle magazine.

"Until Monsoon Tea achieves this level of success What has Kenneth been through? And what techniques are used to develop unpopular tea varieties in countries that do not have a clear tea culture? He invites us to sit down in a cozy tea shop in Asoke. Sip a cool, refreshing tea cocktail. and start telling us the whole story from the beginning"

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The Good Stuff Chiang Mai

Article in guide to the best local places in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

"At Monsoon Tea, you’ll find only the finest teas that Chiang Mai has to offer. All the tell tale signs of a good tea shop are here. Are all of the teas stored in air tight tins that keep out the sunlight? Check. Are the staff able to answer specific questions about said tea leaves, such as origin, date of picking, and best brewing method? Check. Do they have a variety of blends and natural tea? Check. Do they brew the tea in house for you to drink there? Check."

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