Creator interview with Fabio Purroy

Creator interview with Fabio Purroy

Fabio Purroy is a Spanish photographer and good friend to us here at Monteaco.

He often shares his beautiful work from adventures all over Europe with a deep passion for capturing people making the most of life in nature.

Fabio recently filmed a promotional video for us while bicycling the mountains around his hometown in Northern Spain and we wanted to share more of his fantastic photos and ask him a couple of questions about his work.

How and when did you start with photography?

- It all began when I was 13 years old, alongside my father and my uncles on our countless fishing trips in the Pyrenees rivers. Here is where I started documenting my little adventures.


We know the camera doesn’t make the image, but still, what gear do you use?

- That´s so true. I have spent almost my entire photography career using second hand Nikon gear. However, a year ago I change to Sony, purchasing for the A7IV model. Moreover, I shoot a lot of analog photography with my Nikon F2 and my Yashica Mat 124g.

We see a lot of beautiful nature and people in your work, do you feel that there is a deeper sense of purpose to your photography?

- I have a few key components that I apply when creating my work. Mainly, an activity that allows me to explore and understand the environment I am in, such as fly fishing or mountain skiing. Then, photography and storytelling provide the necessary imagery and voice to convey that vision.


Tell us about a dream shoot of yours, where would you like to go and what would you photograph?

 - Childhood Fabio dreamed of creating stories for National Geographic in the wild places of the world but inspired by the mountains that saw me grow. However, I believe that my goal is to apply that vision to the small stories that surround me, where hidden inspiration resides


Final question and perhaps the most important one of all! What do you think about Forest Friendly Tea from the mountains of Northern Thailand? (A very leading question, we’re well aware)

 - I believe that Forest Friendly Tea reflects that same vision of connection with one’s land, which must be understood and cherished in order to be protected. Thus, be present within the inspiration of the beauty and wonder of the natural world.



We thank Fabio for his great answers and if you wish to see more of his work, drop him a follow on instagram @fabiopurroy 

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