Happy 2024!

Happy 2024!

Looking back at the year behind us we had a great year here at Monteaco continuing to spread Forest Friendly tea from Northern Thailand across the world and showing that there are alternatives to the large monoculture tea plantations tea is so heavily associated with.

In 2023 we opened up our first showroom outside of Thailand in Stockholm, Sweden, the hometown of our founder Kenneth and now the base of Monteaco operations for Europe. Through our fantastic ambassadors in France, Singapore and Italy we have continued to reach new customers and to grow the list of restaurants, cafés and shops carrying our teas!

In 2023 we will open up more tea shops in Thailand, first with two new locations in Chiang Mai opening now in the beginning of the year, and then continuing further south in Bangkok and Phuket. Outside of Thailand we will continue to add more teas to all our international customers and soon establish a larger presence in the U.S as Ryan will head overseas to get us up and running in a very important market for sustainable specialty teas!

2024 will bring more products, more teas, more collaborations, more nature studies and most importantly in the end more nature protected in the mountains of Northern Thailand, all through sustainable business and producing tea in harmony with nature.

Thank you to everyone who supported our work by drinking our teas in 2023 and we will continue working hard to provide you with fantastic teas in 2024! 💚🌳
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