International Worker's Day

International Worker's Day

Today on May 1st the world celebrates International workers’ day and we want to highlight the many people and hard work that goes into creating every single cup of tea.

From growing in the forest to ending up brewed in your cup, a tea leaf passes through the hands of many hard working and skilled people. At Monteaco, the journey of a tea leaf is long, but it all takes place in Northern Thailand before it’s shipped out to the world.

First workers pick the fresh tea leaves in the mountains before others transport them to a tea factory. Here more people get involved with sorting and production which is a lot of hard work, but after the tea is produced it still has many more places to go. Our pure teas are transported to our packing facility whereas our flavoured ones are taken to our flavouring company where workers take over the flavouring and blending process. Eventually the flavoured tea is transported back to our packing facility where our staff works hard preparing products for our shops and deliveries. When we get an order the shipment is prepared and then taken over by the shipping company with people making sure it will end up safely in your hands.

This is a long process with lots of people involved for just a cup of tea, and then we haven’t even focused on all the people working to create the tea producing machines, all the packaging and all of the ingredients for our flavoured teas.

Tea passes through so many steps where each individual needs to make a good income and be able to live a good life, and this is why we always say that all tea on the market should be more expensive than what it is today, not only our Forest Friendly Tea grown in harmony with nature in Northern Thailand. If we start to appreciate where our products come from, and all the workers involved in making them, we will eventually start to see a better life for all of us.

We wish you a great International Workers’ Day and hope you give an extra thought to all the fantastic people who have played a part into creating your cup of tea! 💚

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