Introducing our new team member Charl!

Introducing our new team member Charl!

Say hello to our new team member Charl! 👋🎉

Charl has been in and around the restaurant industry for almost 15 years and has been involved in the development of a long line of successful cafes, restaurants, and bars, mainly in Bangkok and Stockholm.

We first met Charl in 2020 when he was living in Bangkok and consulting for a chocolate company that we had also been working with for a number of years, and we quickly became friends.

In 2021, he moved back home to Stockholm and has since been helping us out at Monteaco when we've needed it. Last fall, we had a small event at our neighbour in Stockholm, Passepartout where Charl created some incredible tea cocktails, something there will be more of in the future!

Going forward, Charl will take on a more flexible role in the company, primarily focusing on developing our concepts and strategies for the restaurant and cafe industry, both for our operations in Sweden and for our five tea houses in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

This spring, you can find Charl in our showroom in Stockholm when William needs to be elsewhere and we promise to have more events soon where you'll get to try his tea cocktails! 

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