Svenskt Tenn on Strandvägen in Stockholm

Forest Friendly Tea now available at Svenskt Tenn

We are happy to say that the world's most sustainably produced tea is now available at Café Svenskt Tenn, on Strandvägen in Central Stockholm. At Café Svenskt Tenn you can sit down to enjoy great small dishes curated by Petter Nilsson from restaurant Petri. Together with the food you can either choose something bubbly or of course, Forest Friendly Tea from Northern Thailand. We currently have two of our teas on the tea list, Jungle Oolong and Lahu Black, but soon our Lanna Silver Needle will be added as well. 


Quality, longevity and sustainability are key words reflected in Svenskt Tenn’s entire operations, from the manufacturing of the products in the range to the selection of raw materials in the café. The food at Café Svenskt Tenn is prepared with locally grown, organic ingredients and the menus are seasonal to make the most of the best of winter, spring, summer and autumn. Add to this the most sustainable teas money can buy and you've got a recipe for a good time. 



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