Monsoon Tea Company Thailand

It is in Thailand our journey started over 10 years ago, when our founder Kenneth Rimdahl opened up his first tea shop fully focused on only working with selling tea grown in harmony with the forest. Currently we have 5 tea shops in Thailand, with two of them located in Bangkok and three of them in Chiang Mai. All of these shops go under the "Monsoon Tea Company" name, but are a part of Monteaco, with the same high quality Forest Friendly Teas. 


Chiang Mai:

Monsoon Tea Wat Ket - Tea house, restaurant, headquarters

Monsoon Tea One Nimman - Tea shop

Monsoon Tea Jingjai Market - Tea shop



Monsoon Tea Asok - Tea house, kombucha bar

Monsoon Tea Emquartier - Tea shop

JJ Market

Wat Ket