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Monteaco Gift Set 3x10g

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Introducing our first gift set product at Monteaco with the 3x10g tin can! 

Enjoy a variety of different combinations, perfect as a gift to tea loving family members or if you want to try an assortment of our Forest Friendly Teas. 

The different options are:

Purpose Set - Rainbow Blend, Biodiversitea, Communitea

Pure Tea Set - Lahu Black, Lanna Green, Lanna Oolong

Flavoured Tea Set - Thai Earl Grey, Jasmine Green, Apple Pie Oolong

Tropical Set - Tropical Sunset, Coconut Green, Lychee Oolong

Thailand Set - Chiang Mai Blend, Bangkok Blend, Phuket Blend

Black Tea Set - Monsoon Blend Black, Shangri La Black, Oriental Chai Black

All our teas are grown in harmony with nature in Northern Thailand to preserve forests, protect biodiversity, and provide long-term income for local tea farmers in Northern Thailand.