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Judith Chester for Monteaco

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Introducing our latest ceramics collaboration together with Judith Chester of Studio Alster! Located just a few minutes away from our showroom in Stockholm, Studio Alster is a creative space hosting ceramics workshops and courses. We teamed up with Judith Chester, one of the two founders to create our new collection of tea inspired ceramics. 

For our new collaboration we decided to not only create a custom glazed tea mug inspired by the forest, but also a limited edition of candle holders to further increase the coziness of your tea moments.

Get the mug, the candle holder, or the gift bundle for yourself or for someone you love <3

Monteaco x Judith Chester - Judith Tea Mug

As beautiful as it is practical, this one of a kind tea mug is handmade in the heart of Stockholm. Perfect for those of you who like to cuddle in with larger cup for the cozy tea moments.

Monteaco x Judith Chester - Judith Candle Holder

Brew some tea, light up a few candles and any gray day goes from horribly depressing and boring to the best time of ones life. Carefully crafted candle holders with a forest inspired colour pattern made by hand in Stockholm.

Monteaco x Judith Chester - Gift Bundle

Judith Tea Mug + Judith Candle Holder + 50g of Forest Friendly Tea! A unique gift bundle for the special people in your life. When buying this option, please send us an additional email with what type of tea you would like included in the bundle. If unspecified, we will choose for you!