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Monteaco Tea Bag Collection

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Forest Friendly Tea - Now in tea bags!

Introducing our brand new tea bag collection! This is a product that has been in the making for quite some time now, and we’re extremely happy to finally have it in our hands 🎉

This collection consists of 4 different teas and 6 tea bags each making it 24 in total in each box, making it perfect as a fast and easy way to brew or Forest Friendly Tea or gift to a loved one.

In the future we plan to make even more teas available through tea bags as we know it makes it easier for a lot of people to enjoy our sustainably produced teas from Northern Thailand, but for now we'll hope you enjoy this first collection! 

Contains the following teas: Thai Earl Grey, Thai Breakfast, Jasmine Green, Siam Herbal.

All our teas are grown in harmony with nature in Northern Thailand to preserve forests, protect biodiversity, and provide long-term income for local tea farmers in Northern Thailand. Hand-picked, single origin, beyond organic.