Sustainable Teas from Northern Thailand

More new teas have been added to the website!

As of this week we have added 4 new Forest Friendly Teas to our online shop. All of these teas are produced in harmony with nature in Northern Thailand, without any pesticides, irrigation systems or fertilizers. The 4 new Monteaco teas are the following: 

A fantastic green tea made by tea producer Dhara. This tea is not only handpicked but also handmade, by frying the teas in a wok over an open fire. 

Coconut Green is our Forest Friendly green tea flavoured with toasted coconut. 

Our signature blend, Monsoon Blend Black is made from our Forest Friendly black tea flavoured with peach, ginger, rose and jasmin. 

Another fantastic tea made by Dhara, this tea grows in a remote forest only accessible through a 4-wheel drive on dirt roads up the mountain and is picked by local villagers of the Karen people, a hilltribe in Northern Thailand.

We hope you will enjoy the addition of these 5 teas and stay tuned for the next round of new sustainable teas from Northern Thailand.

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